Maggie Cooke


Eurostar - Lovers' Statue Jan 2014


Replicated the Eurostar uniform for the 10 metre tall 'Lovers' Statue' in St Pancras.














The X Factor 2013


Stylist to Sharon Osbourne for X Factor.

Selecting all her clothes, gowns and shoes.

Maggie also made some special one of a kind dresses for Sharon, designed and created by Maggie Cooke and her team!















BAFTA 2013


Congratulations to Sheena for Best Costume Designer for 'Parades End'!


It was amazing to make Rebecca's costumes, thank you for the recognition.






Parade's End

















Olivier Awards 2013


Congratulations to Jon Morrell for Best Costume Designer for

'Top Hat'

Aldwych Theatre


A joy to work with and a joy to make for!






Top Hat













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